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Contractors State License Board Encourages Contractors to Take Advantage of Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program

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Contractors State License Board Encourages Contractors to Take Advantage of Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program


SACRAMENTO – The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is encouraging licensed contractors to take advantage of the Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program to boost their business during the pandemic.

The EBB program helps qualified licensed “A” General Engineering and “B” General Building contractors become eligible for residential seismic retrofitting projects through a free online FEMA training. Recently, the program received $23 million in FEMA grants for homeowners to complete seismic retrofits, creating more than 7,600 jobs for licensed contractors.

“The Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program is a great way for California contractors to jump start their business during the pandemic and help homeowners get prepared for the next earthquake,” said CSLB Registrar David Fogt.

Contractors who want to join the EBB program must:

  • Be a California licensed contractor (“A” General Engineering or “B” General Building) in good standing;
  • Create a free online account and complete registration as a contractor; and
  • Review six education videos and pass the quizzes after each section.

Once contractors complete the registration and training process, they will be added to EBB’s Contractor Directory. Homeowners may only use contractors listed in the Directory to complete their seismic retrofit. EBB also offers participating contractors free marketing materials, including a FEMA-trained logo for advertisements, yard signs, and flyers.

Residential seismic retrofits bolt the house to its foundation and add bracing, if required, around the perimeter of the crawl space making it more resistant to earthquake activity. For more information on the EBB program and how to register, visit the EBB website.

Contractors who are looking to apply for an A or B license can get started on CSLB’s website.


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