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5 Competitive Advantages That Gratitude Gives Entrepreneurs

Nov 24, 2021 (0) comment , , , ,

The power of gratitude extends far and wide, with major personal and professional benefits. From a young age, we learn that saying “thank you” is the polite thing to do. But the impact of expressing gratitude goes far broader and deeper, in both business and personal settings. Being grateful in our everyday lives is actually […]

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Energy-efficient infrastructure projects hold a key opportunity for contractors

Nov 18, 2021 (0) comment

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The largely underutilized 179D tax deduction rewards building designs and enhancements that will be widespread in environmentally-sound infrastructure projects. Drew Angerer via Getty Images   The COVID-19 pandemic has showed no mercy in its impact to the construction sector, inducing a storm of high costs and volatility from materials to labor. According to a recent […]

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Inspiring Quotes About Risk-taking and Teamwork from Military Veteran Entrepreneurs

Nov 11, 2021 (0) comment , ,

Here’s what these brave men and women learned about risk-taking while serving our nation — and how it helped inspire their businesses. Over the years, Entrepreneur has had the honor of speaking with brave men and women who proudly served our country and made great sacrifices to keep the rest of us safe. Many of these incredible people […]

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21 Famous Quotes to Honor U.S. Veterans on Veteran’s Day

Nov 11, 2021 (0) comment , , ,

On this day, take a moment to offer thanks to the extraordinary men and women who have protected the nation throughout history. Getty Images In November of 1919, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed November Eleventh as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: “To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will […]

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New deals and investment in vertical farms provide lucrative construction opportunities

Nov 04, 2021 (0) comment , , , ,

One trend that we’ve really been seeing grow lately in the construction industry is the vertical farm and urban agriculture buildings that are sometimes referred to as “farmscrapers.” Vertical farms are multi-story buildings that use hydroponic and aeroponic systems that are lightweight and energy efficient. They have been popping up in some really unexpected places […]

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5 ways to protect yourself when taking over someone else’s project

Oct 29, 2021 (0) comment , , ,

Affordable excess liability insurance coverage for small businesses and contractors.

Stepping into an existing project is a challenge. Experts suggest snapping photographs and ensuring clarity on payments before getting work started. Recently, Lendlease reportedly exited the $1 billion Oceanwide Plaza project in Los Angeles. While the future of that particular development remains in question, a new contractor will someday need to complete the work if […]

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9 construction social media influencers to watch

Oct 21, 2021 (0) comment , ,

From Instagram to YouTube to TikTok, these content creators are making waves in the building trades. Mario Tama via Getty Images By posting videos about everything from clothes and video games to trucks and even fast food, social media influencers are attracting massive followings. Even in the world of construction and skilled trades, you can […]

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The top 10 home building companies of 2021

Oct 14, 2021 (0) comment , , ,

Residential construction is booming. Here is where it’s the hottest and which contractors are cashing in the most. Justin Sullivan via Getty Images Despite unprecedented labor and construction materials shortages, business is booming for home builders across the country. Over the past 2 years, residential construction permits increased 36% nationally and the average value of […]

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LA Clippers’ $2B Intuit Dome to be third most expensive US arena ever built

Oct 08, 2021 (0) comment , , ,

Brief: An AECOM Hunt and Turner joint venture broke ground on the $2 billion Intuit Dome — the future home of the Los Angeles Clippers — in Inglewood, California, Sept. 17. AECOM designed the arena, according to a press release. When the new, 18,000-seat arena opens in 2024, the Clippers will be done sharing their home court. […]

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The 7 biggest megaprojects that have broken ground this year

Oct 01, 2021 (0) comment , , ,

Each of these builds, ranging from office towers to arenas, cost over $1 billion. Despite a pandemic, a labor shortage and choked-up supply chains, contractors continue to work on projects with billion-dollar price tags, with builds ranging from office towers to arenas. While megaprojects continue, COVID-19-related strains on the construction industry are evident. Before the […]

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