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5 Amazing Underwater Structures: How Underwater Construction Works

Jul 10, 2024 (0) comment , , ,

With the earth’s population continuing to soar, buildings have been growing higher and higher. Dense cities are dotted with cranes constructing new, magnificent skyscrapers. What if the future of cities is not further up toward the sky, but deep down in the ocean? Humans have explored underwater construction for many years, and construction techniques already […]

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Top 5 most expensive mega construction projects in the world

Jul 10, 2024 (0) comment , ,

The largest and most expensive construction projects in the world range from an ambitious railway system to a gigantic entertainment complex. One is 254 miles above the ground and travels at 17,500 mph. Throughout history, humans have expressed their belief that bigger is better with colossal construction projects. Pyramids, religious monuments, skyscrapers and other buildings […]

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A recent law allows homeowner to sell ADUs like condos, boosting homeownership. Here’s how AB 1033 works

Jul 10, 2024 (0) comment , , ,

A Larchmont Village home and ADU of Danielle Rago and Darren Hochberg, who commissioned the Los Angeles Design Group to design them a family compound. A new law allows property owners to build and sell ADUs like condos. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times) Accessory dwelling units, also referred to as ADUs and “granny flats,” […]

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4 Entrepreneurial Breakthrough Lessons From July 4th

Jul 03, 2024 (0) comment , , ,

Independence was declared in 1776, but the Revolutionary War didn’t end until November of 1783. That makes it one of the longest wars in US history. For almost nine years, our founders claimed they were a nation before the rest of the world recognized it. They sewed flags and sang songs and laid down lives […]

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The 9 largest commercial construction starts for May 2024

Jun 27, 2024 (0) comment

An $11 billion LNG project in Texas and a $10 billion offshore wind farm in Virginia helped drive overall starts up 10%, according to Dodge. The $11 billion Port Arthur LNG project in Port Arthur, Texas, ranked the largest project to start in May 2024, according to Dodge Construction Network. Courtesy of Port Arthur LNG […]

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The most expensive home for sale in the U.S. goes up for $295 million in Naples, Florida

Jun 18, 2024 (0) comment , ,

Key Points Gordon Pointe is a roughly 9-acre compound in Naples, Florida, in an affluent enclave called Port Royal. The mega-listing includes a main house that spans about 11,500 square feet on a private peninsula. The listing is already drawing significant interest, according to a co-listing agent, despite what may be a high asking price. […]

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The 9 Coolest Pools in the World

Jun 14, 2024 (0) comment , , ,

From the Earth’s deepest pool to the tallest outdoor one, there are multiple record holders on this list     Here’s a question: Are the coolest pools the ones that offer the best respite on days when you feel that you’re about to overheat, or the ones that make the best use of creative and […]

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Designers Get Bold With Kitchen Colors

Jun 07, 2024 (0) comment , ,

Learn more about how designers and builders are intelligently incorporating color and textures into today’s kitchens. For years, all-white kitchens have been the overwhelming favorite among homeowners, but in 2024, color is coming back in a big way to the heart of the home. The trend is gaining momentum as homeowners seek ways to express […]

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World’s largest wildlife crossing on track to open in 2026

May 30, 2024 (0) comment , , ,

The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing being built outside Los Angeles will be completed by early 2026, providing a safe and sustainable passage for mountain lions and other animals over Highway 101. Caltrans bid out the majority of the construction work and after a competitive process selected C. A. Rasmussen, Inc. to build the crossing. Ahead […]

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10 Tips for Submitting Better Bids

May 23, 2024 (0) comment , ,

Putting together a winning bid proposal, or even a competitive one, takes knowledge and skill. It’s a bit more complicated than just putting some numbers together and hoping for the best. Good bid preparation requires a lot of time and effort and involves everything from reading and fully understanding the plans and specifications to accurately […]

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