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Hundreds Of Bedrooms And Millions Of Dollars: The Most Expensive Houses In The World

May 12, 2022 (0) comment , , , ,

Think of your dream property and then think a little harder and you’ll begin to get an idea of what the most expensive homes in the world look like. Because what happens when you bring together an architect limited only by gravity and an owner with a bottomless wallet? You get a luxury house filled […]

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How Being a ‘Mompreneur’ Prepared Me to Run a Multi-Million-Dollar Business

May 06, 2022 (0) comment , ,

Five things I learned as a parent that helped propel my professional success. Being a “mompreneur” has taught me everything I need to know and understand in running a successful multi-million dollar business operation. Some of the top strategies I use today resulted from my experience as a mom raising two children on the autism spectrum, […]

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Earth Day groundbreaking for world’s largest wildlife crossing

Apr 28, 2022 (0) comment , , ,

Brief: Endangered big cats and other animals will soon get a way to safely traverse a 10-lane Los Angeles-area highway. A new wildlife crossing broke ground on Earth Day, April 22, according to the National Wildlife Federation, and will be the largest of its kind in the world. The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing is a […]

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Port of San Diego to review $3B plan to redevelop Seaport Village

Apr 21, 2022 (0) comment , ,

  Port of San Diego commissioners on Tuesday began a review of a proposed plan to redevelop the Seaport Village area in downtown San Diego. The proposed project is from developer 1HWY1 and is expected to cost more than $3 billion. The redevelopment will feature a 500-foot tower with observation decks, an aquarium, multiple restaurants […]

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Why private construction jobs are requiring surety bonds, too

Apr 14, 2022 (0) comment , , , ,

Bonding is no longer just a requirement for public works projects. Public construction projects almost always require surety bonds. As a type of insurance, bonds protect the government if the wheels come off a project, or the contractor absconds with the funds. Indeed, bonding has been mandatory on federal public works projects since the late […]

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Buffalo Bills to build $1.4B stadium

Apr 08, 2022 (0) comment , ,

Brief: The NFL’s Buffalo Bills will build a $1.4 billion stadium in Orchard Park, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. It will be the largest construction project in the region’s history, according to Gov. Kathy Hochul. The project will generate 10,000 union jobs and will operate under a project labor agreement, according to Monday’s announcement. […]

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The Dotted Line: Taking over construction mid-project

Mar 28, 2022 (0) comment , , ,

  Circumstances can change quickly in any business environment, construction included. Contractors can take on a project that looks profitable on paper but ends up being a time and money pit because of something they overlooked during the bid process, unanticipated material increases, skilled worker shortages or other trades falling behind — the list goes […]

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The Lessons Richard Branson Learned From His Business Misses

Mar 24, 2022 (0) comment , , ,

As an entrepreneur, you’ll encounter failure. Here’s how to maintain a healthy perspective While discussing inventions, Thomas Edison’s associate, Walter S. Mallory, once said to him, “Isn’t it a shame that with the tremendous amount of work you have done you haven’t been able to get any results?” Edison responded, with a smile, “Results! Why, man, […]

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‘Self-healing’ concrete substitute sucks carbon out of the air

Mar 18, 2022 (0) comment , , ,

Brief: While concrete is a staple for builders, it’s also a top driver of climate change. That’s why many contractors and their suppliers have tested materials that are just as durable, but kinder to the environment. Now, two researchers from the Massachusetts-based Worcester Polytechnic Institute have taken this idea one step further. Suzanne Scarlata and […]

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10 Mind-Boggling Modern Engineering Feats Across the World

Mar 10, 2022 (0) comment , , ,

Marvels are innovative structures and things that make one gaze in awe. In today’s world, modern engineering has done amazing deeds when it comes to creating some of the world’s rarest marvels. Engineering has created structures that have the potential to affect Earth’s movements. There are also structures that are environmentally sustainable. Here, we look […]

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