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9 execs and entrepreneurs share the inspirational quotes that changed their lives for the better

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Inspirational quotes from some of history’s ‘greats’ could be the motivation you need for your business or life. Inspirational quotes can be more than simple slogans — they’ve helped some of the most successful executives and entrepreneurs. Moguls like Barbara Corcoran and Dottie Herman have used inspiring mantras to deal with their fears and enemies. […]

Construction Crew Finds Stash of Ancient Gold Coins in Abandoned Italian Cinema

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The coins were found hidden inside an amphora, which is a jar used by the Romans for storing liquids such as wine and olive oil. Credit: Photo courtesy Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities   About 300 gold coins, dating back around 1,500 years to a time when part of the Roman Empire was […]

Strange construction: Top 7 unconventional building materials

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Not to diminish the value of construction staples such as concrete, glass and steel, but we appreciate a little bit of creativity every now and then. Today we’re looking at homes and hotels made up of unconventional building materials — from cake to corn and everything in between. Miscellaneous recyclables (“Earthships”) Earthships are off-the-grid, 100 per […]

10 Quotes on Persistence to Help You Keep Going

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Entrepreneurship is a labor of love, and like any great love, that often means a lot of passion and a lot of persistence to reach your happily ever after. There are set-backs and failures and successes and triumphs, but it just may be that all those peaks and valleys are what make being an entrepreneur […]

3 cost-free ways to handle late payments

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These tips can help contractors manage cash flow There are few things more stressful than late payments and the cash-flow problems they inevitably create. A whopping 88 percent of contractors say they have to wait longer than 30 days for payments, with 46 percent using business or personal savings and lines of credit to cover […]

Venture capitalists inject $1B into construction technology startups in H1 2018

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In just the first half of the year, investments in construction technology have surpassed last year’s total amount by 30%, according to a Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. report released today. Spending in the segment is outpacing overall tech startup investment growth in the United States, the report found. “It’s no mere accident that this uptick […]


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From appliances to aesthetics, take a look at the best kitchen trends for 2018 – 2019. What’s hot in the world of kitchen design? From industrial-inspired concrete surfaces and factory-inspired faucets to the more glamorous brass kitchen handles and brass taps, and from clever kitchen storage , built-in wine rooms and even home bars to modern kitchen islands […]

4 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Get the Word Out About Their Small Businesses

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Getting the word out about your business can be tough, particularly if you don’t know how to effectively reach out and then keep the momentum going once you get some coverage. So how can you make the most of the positive attention you do get and parlay it into more customers and sales? This the […]

5 Belief Shifts That Will Take You From Stagnating to Soaring

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Don’t let negative beliefs hold you back. Everyone wants to be a winner in business and in life. But success isn’t just something that will come your way without a little work. If you really want to get ahead, there are certain practices you need to put into place. To truly succeed in business, you […]

Business toolbox: Maximizing cash flow

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Having cash at the ready to procure materials, pay salaries, fund new projects and finance all the other functions of a construction business is essential for the smooth operation of a company. When financial obligations outpace the influx of money, it doesn’t take long for a business to become overwhelmed by debt or, in the […]

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