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How to Instagram: Utilizing the platform for success

Oct 04, 2018 (0) comment , , ,

Instagram’s meteoric rise continues, dwarfing the stagnant growth rates of Snapchat and Facebook. Recently, Instagram announced that it has reached 1 billion monthly active users, after passing 800 million in September 2017 with 500 million daily users. So how can you use this platform to your advantage as a small business? Contrary to popular belief, […]

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$24.2M mansion includes a ballroom that turns into a swimming pool

Sep 27, 2018 (0) comment , , , ,

Whitelands is on the private estate of St George’s Hill in Surrey’s exclusive Weybridge Former neighbours include Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and racing driver Jenson Button The modern ballroom turns into a swimming pool at the touch of a button – and in just six minutes The underground garage includes a turntable, which avoids having […]

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9 execs and entrepreneurs share the inspirational quotes that changed their lives for the better

Sep 20, 2018 (0) comment , , , ,

Inspirational quotes from some of history’s ‘greats’ could be the motivation you need for your business or life. Inspirational quotes can be more than simple slogans — they’ve helped some of the most successful executives and entrepreneurs. Moguls like Barbara Corcoran and Dottie Herman have used inspiring mantras to deal with their fears and enemies. […]

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10 Quotes on Persistence to Help You Keep Going

Aug 30, 2018 (0) comment , , ,

Entrepreneurship is a labor of love, and like any great love, that often means a lot of passion and a lot of persistence to reach your happily ever after. There are set-backs and failures and successes and triumphs, but it just may be that all those peaks and valleys are what make being an entrepreneur […]

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3 cost-free ways to handle late payments

Aug 23, 2018 (0) comment , , , ,

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These tips can help contractors manage cash flow There are few things more stressful than late payments and the cash-flow problems they inevitably create. A whopping 88 percent of contractors say they have to wait longer than 30 days for payments, with 46 percent using business or personal savings and lines of credit to cover […]

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5 Belief Shifts That Will Take You From Stagnating to Soaring

Jul 25, 2018 (0) comment , , ,

Don’t let negative beliefs hold you back. Everyone wants to be a winner in business and in life. But success isn’t just something that will come your way without a little work. If you really want to get ahead, there are certain practices you need to put into place. To truly succeed in business, you […]

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25 Quotes From American Leaders to Celebrate This 4th of July

Jul 03, 2018 (0) comment , , , ,

The 4th of July means more than great BBQ, fireworks, and spending time with friends and family. It is also a tremendous celebration of American leadership. No matter your political beliefs it’s hard to dispute that the United States is a leader in the world. As Ronald Reagan said, we cannot escape our destiny, nor […]

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Weirdest things found on a construction site

Jun 14, 2018 (0) comment , , ,

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There are many stories about weird things found during construction. Sometimes workers come across old buried cars, WWII bombs or even old ships. Here is a list with some of the weirdest things ever found at building sites. In case you have heard some interesting stories, or you yourself have experience finding strange/weird artifacts, you […]

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$4B-plus Los Angeles stadium could be country’s most expensive yet

Jun 07, 2018 (0) comment , , , , ,

Brief: The price tag for the new Los Angeles Rams stadium under construction in Los Angeles has reached $4.25 billion, according to L.A. Biz. The figure includes the cost of a 6,000-seat amphitheater next to the stadium, but a planned buildout of retail and commercial development is likely to push the project past the $5 […]

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Are tall timber buildings the future of construction?

May 31, 2018 (0) comment , , , ,

Billion-dollar construction startup Katerra’s acquisition of Michael Green Architecture suggests intriguing possibilities for sustainable construction The Wood Innovation and Design Centre in British Columbia; the 97-foot-tall building by MGA is the world’s tallest all-timber office building, but that distinction won’t last long. Michael Green Architecture Tall timber construction, hyped as one of the next big […]

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