By posting videos about everything from clothes and video games to trucks and even fast food, social media influencers are attracting massive followings.

Even in the world of construction and skilled trades, you can find popular YouTubers, TikTok stars and Instagram champions working on houses, perfecting their crafts or even providing unfiltered thoughts on on topics such as women in skilled trades and other issues. Read on for a list of the social media luminaries who are most popular in the skilled trades world.


RRBuildings is run by Illinois-based contractor Kyle Stumpenhorst, who describes himself as a custom post frame builder, with presences on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. On his TikTok page, he says that he tries try to show as much of the construction process as possible, and also does weekly “toolsday” videos stemming from his love of tools. He has 777,000 subscribers on YouTube, 1.7 million followers on TikTok and 416,000 followers on Instagram.

Kienan Koga

Kienan Koga is a civil engineer based in Hawaii who makes YouTube videos on topics including tips for young engineers and how to read construction blueprints. He currently has 18,700 subscribers, and says on his YouTube page that he made the channel to “share all the things I wish I knew earlier, what worked for me and most importantly, what I’ve screwed up on in my life.”

Carpentry by Mar

A carpenter based in Chicago, Mar has sizable presences on both Instagram and Tiktok. He posts photos and videos to both platforms about his work as a carpenter, samples of projects he works on and helpful tips for DIY work. He has 329,000 followers on TikTok, and 545,000 followers on Instagram.

Perkins Builder Brothers

Building homes in western North Carolina, brothers Jaime and Erik Perkins run the Perkins Builder Brothers YouTube channel, giving tips and vlogging their own progress as they build structures through their business, with their own construction crew. The channel currently has 337,000 subscribers.


KarlyKrupka is an electrician based in British Columbia, Canada, who does vlog-style videos about her days on the jobsite, along with more scripted, meme-based videos poking fun at the trade as well. She currently has 30,700 followers on TikTok.

Modustrial Maker

Modustrial Maker follows Mike Clifford, who quit his job to turn an abandoned building into his dream home and workshop. He also makes videos of his custom-built furniture, along with documenting his renovation process. He currently has 843,000 subscribers on YouTube, along with 63,900 followers on Instagram.

American Contractor Show

American Contractor Show is a TikTok account that, as the owner writes, is “all about celebrating contractors.” You can find videos here showing handy tips for trades such as roofing, company spotlights, and more. Currently, the account has around 220,000 followers on TikTok, and a fledgling YouTube channel with 2,580 subscribers.

Victory Outdoor Services

Brookfield, Wisconsin-based Victory Outdoor Services’ YouTube channel is ran and narrated by company owner Ryan Tomich, where he vlogs the work he and his team do laying concrete. Many of the videos are a slice-of-life feeling, showing the ups, and the downs, of work in the concrete field, from jokes shared with coworkers to delays as a result of lateness or lack of materials. The channel currently has 112,000 subscribers.


MattBangsWood is a YouTube channel run by California-based carpenter Matt Panella, who posts a variety of videos about how-to information, basic rundown videos and vlogs about builds he does with others. Operating since 2017, he writes on his YouTube page that its purpose to show young people how fun and rewarding the trades can be. Currently, he has 210,000 subscribers on YouTube, and 37,800 followers on Instagram.